Many features can add value to your home, and a fireplace is one of them. A fireplace adds warmth to your home while making it cozy. The functionality of a fireplace plus its aesthetic value is appealing to homebuyers. 

A Popular Trend

A home with a fireplace is one of the most popular home features on real estate sites. More and more homebuyers are now interested in buying houses with a fireplace.

A Gas Fireplace Adds the Most Value

Gas-type fireplaces are the most trending type of fireplaces. If you are considering upgrading your home by installing a fireplace, and you want to increase the resale value, a gas-type fireplace is a good choice.

Homes with Fireplaces Have Higher Return on Investment

A fireplace is one of the most common features that give a listed home a higher return on investment. It is a highly recommended upgrade or installation. If your home already has a fireplace, you should highlight it and make it known to homebuyers by posting or showing photos or emphasizing it during tours. It is a very common feature expected from homes regardless of which state you are located in. This means that it is appealing to more homebuyers. 

A fireplace is a worthwhile investment if it is installed in the right place to maximize its function and aesthetics. Use your fireplace as an advantage when selling your home to get the most out of it.

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