Specialized Inspections for Your Business

Before investing in a property such as an apartment complex, restaurant, store, or office building – you’ll want to make sure it is safe, needs no repairs, and meets all state regulations. Our commercial inspection can identify minor issues as well as items that require immediate repair.

The inspector will determine whether or not everything is working correctly and that the systems comply with all building codes. If something is not working correctly or is not up to code, details on repairing or replacing the system may be included in the final report.

A commercial inspection also includes a review of all the property’s documentation. The inspector may review various documents, including building plans, construction permits, floor plans, surveys, appraisals, environmental studies, certificates of occupancy, evacuation plans, maintenance records, and any citations. These documents will help the buyer understand the cost of owning the building, so they determine if the buyer is getting a good value for the money.

As Certified Master Inspectors, we have successfully completed highly specialized training in each field of property inspections to ensure the very best inspection service. We follow all Californian laws when it comes to commercial inspections, then go above and beyond them to identify issues and ensure your property is safe. If you are interested in purchasing a commercial property, contact J Bixler Inspections to schedule an inspection today.

Why Choose Us for Your Business

Certified Master Inspector

Broad Area of Service

InterNACHI Certified

Evening Appointments

Contractor Experienced

Reports the next business evening

Comprehensive Results

Building Structure & Foundation

ADA Accessibility

Electrical Panels & Wiring

Plumbing Fixtures & Piping

Elevators & Conveyance Systems


Site Grading

Irrigation & Drainage

Sewers & Treatment Systems

Tenant Improvements

Pavement Systems

Parking Facilities



Square Footage of Property Estimated Inspection Rate
Starting Price (The price will vary with each inspection due to the size of rooms etc.) $500

Comprehensive Digital Reporting

We utilize the best in commercial inspection software to generate a thorough report that details all of our findings, along with sharp images and clear descriptions. This report is powerful tool to help you fully understand the property, giving you confidence in your decisions, and clear guidance in maintenance.

Modesto Commercial Inspections & Surrounding Areas

Providing award-winning commercial building inspections in Sonora, Modesto, Manteca, Stockton, Turlock, Arnold, Jackson, Elk Grove, Angels Camp, Lodi, Patterson, Merced, and surrounding areas. Also providing professional commercial building inspections.

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