In the colder months of the year, every homeowner wants to be comfortable in their own home, but at the same time, rising energy prices make it more expensive to keep it that way. One way to save money on your energy bill year-round is to ensure your windows aren’t leaky.

Old windows can be notoriously leaky, but sometimes it is possible for you to remedy the situation if you are handy.

First, you will need to find where the leaks are located. Sometimes it could be possible to find them by shining a flashlight around the edge of the window to find holes and cracks. If that doesn’t work, using thermal imaging can pinpoint areas where there is a lower temperature.

To repair cracks and holes, you will need to use the proper technique for the material that it is made from. Often, wood filler can do the job, but if you are uncertain of how to do the repair, your local handyman can surely do the job without charging too much.

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