Wallpaper can be beautiful coverage for your walls. It used to be very common in the past, but some still install it in newer homes to achieve a retro look. If you do buy a home that has wallpaper installed, there are a few hidden dangers that you need to pay attention to. Wallpaper could be used to hide many imperfections and problems, some very serious.

If there is mold growing behind the wallpaper, this could spread and cause great damage, sometimes not being noticed until spreading for quite a while. Mold can cause serious health issues, especially if you suffer from allergies. Wallpaper can also be hiding cracks and holes in the walls. While this isn’t necessarily a serious issue, they could indicate a structural problem. If wallpaper isn’t installed properly it will not look very good, and it’s almost impossible to fix it without ripping the paper off the wall and starting over.

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