The windows of our home have a huge impact both on the light and the appearance of the building. Regular window maintenance helps to keep windows in good working order. As is the case with any maintenance needs, minor issues can quickly become more significant problems if ignored. These maintenance tips can help you avoid these issues from occurring.

Conduct an annual inspection of your windows

It’s essential to have a maintenance checklist to care for your home. Your windows should have a spot on the list. Examine each window’s sealant, paint, and glass for imperfections. Look for leaks, cracks in the glass or material, and problems with the mechanism.

Check your caulking around windows

Any damaged or missing sealant around your windows causes them to become leaky. Any breaks in the sealant should be fixed as soon as possible, otherwise, water can enter the window.

Take note of imperfections in the wood finish

Wood windows provide many benefits but require more maintenance than fiberglass and vinyl windows. The natural wood finish or paint offers additional protection against the outside elements while maintaining a nice appearance. Carefully inspect the interior and exterior finishes for signs of wood rot, cracking, and peeling.

Clean the window tracks.

Window tracks can become coated with debris and dirt if not regularly cleaned. Clearing debris and dirt from the window tracks can prevent them from getting stuck. After cleaning the tracks with a dry brush and vacuum, use soap and water to clean any grime that can’t be removed using a brush.

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