Accidents are inevitable, not just for kids but also for adults. Unfortunately, the leading cause of accidents is falling. However, you can still prevent fall hazards at home with simple steps to ensure your family’s safety, like making your hallways and stairs adequately lit. Here are some steps you can follow to avoid falls in the bathroom, stairs, kitchen, and outdoors:


  • Use non-slip flooring, and keep the floor clutter-free and dry.
  • Cupboard and appliance doors should be kept closed. 
  • Keep kitchen supplies that are frequently used in easily accessible locations.
  • Safety rails might need to be installed if you have a hard time keeping your balance, and if you frequently use a stool, it should have non-skid feet.
  • The lower cupboards should contain heavier items.


  • For older ones, consider installing a bath seat for tubs/showers and a raised toilet seat.
  • Keep your floor surfaces dry and clutter-free.
  • Make sure to put a non-skid mat outside your shower/tub. This is useful to absorb water from your feet after using the shower/tub.
  • Use a rubber mat where you can stand to avoid slipping inside the shower.


  • Clear the pathways upstairs and downstairs.
  • Make sure that your carpets are secured in place.
  • Your stairs’ surface should be non-skid.
  • Clutter and other toys should be cleaned up. 
  • The handrail should be in good condition.


  • Don’t leave the gardening tools on the ground. Instead, make sure to keep them in a safe place.
  • Entrances should have adequate lighting.
  • Handrails on your decks and stairs should be installed properly and securely.
  • Your decks and stairs should have a non-skid surface, especially if you have an elderly person at home or kids.
  • Walkways should be free from clutter/debris, snow, or leaves.

Invest time and effort to follow these steps for your peace of mind and reduce the risk of falling or slipping around the house.

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