Whether a newly built or previously occupied home, a home inspector will discover some minor or major issues. The ones that are important to address when negotiating with the seller are those that will significantly impact the cost of owning the house. 

Damp basement

Any moisture issue in the basement is worth finding a solution for since this can cause health hazards. Fixing these might involve repairing cracks in the foundation and installing a sump pump.

Hazardous and old electrical wirings

Keep in mind that outdated types of wiring could cause a fire. This is something that could be quite costly, especially if the wiring needs to be replaced throughout the whole home. Minor things like replacing light switches and wall receptacles on the other hand can be easily fixed.

Heating and Cooling issues

Many things could go wrong with your heating and cooling system. Some could affect the cost of keeping your home at a comfortable temperature, but other issues could pose a safety hazard. Replacing an HVAC unit is a major expense, and these issues should not be ignored.

Roof damage

Even the most minor roof issue can become a major issue if not repaired as soon as possible. Roof damage could lead to water intrusion throughout your entire home, and that in turn can cause mold, water damage, and electrical issues.

These issues should be brought to the seller’s attention when you sit down at the negotiation table.

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