Also known as pull-down stairways and many other names, attic pull-down ladders are collapsible ladders that can be attached to the attic floor. Then, whenever necessary, they can be pulled down as an easy access point without having to bring a ladder from elsewhere.

Common Defects – Because pull-down attic ladders are normally installed by the homeowner as opposed to a professional, problems and defects in the work are common.

Sadly, very few installed ladders meet the required safety standards and this presents a danger to whoever decides to climb them. Although there are many common errors, the most common include:

Too Few Nails/Screws – Firstly, the average homeowner places far too much trust in a simple screw or nail. When a manufacturer provides a certain amount of nails, this suggests that it is the recommended amount so inspectors need to look out for empty slots or too few nails or screws.

Removed Bottom Cord – When installing a pull-down ladder, many homeowners will cut the cord of the structural truss not actually knowing that this is weakening the strength of the ladder. Without the approval of an engineer beforehand, structural members should not be removed or modified.

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