The answer is YES! And here are the reasons why it is essential to attend the home inspection.
You should be fully aware of what you are investing in.
Purchasing a home is the largest and one of the most significant investments you will make. This is one of the obvious reasons you have to be there while doing the inspection. If you are present while the inspection is being performed, you will get a chance to see and hear from the inspector about any areas of concern in real-time. You can even ask your inspector questions on the spot.
Learn How to Operate Your Home
During the inspection, the main shut-off valves will also be inspected. This means you will have the chance to learn how to operate or turn off your gas water supply and know where your main electrical disconnect is located.
You see concerns first-hand.
After an inspection, you will receive a report with supporting pictures. Seeing the full report after the inspection is good. However, it is good to see it first-hand and understand where the concerns are. Your home inspector can explain the concern in a specific area and help you fully understand the issues. This means when you get to review the final report, you don’t need to ask a lot of questions since you already will have all the answers.

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