Imagine that you have finally bought yourself that amazing 50-inch TV that you have been dreaming about for so long. You plug it in, and you’re amazed at the picture quality, but just a few minutes later a power surge turns that TV into a useless piece of plastic and circuit boards.

While this scenario is extreme, power surges are a real threat to the electronics in your home. One device that can save you from something like this happening is a surge protector.

A surge protector only works if it is properly grounded since it redirects unsafe voltages back through the ground. You should make sure that the outlet you connect the surge protector to is grounded. Many surge protectors come with a guarantee, but this is void if the surge protector isn’t connected properly.

Your surge protector will eventually fail after dealing with several surges, therefore it is a good idea to replace them after a certain amount of time, especially if they protect valuable electronics.

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