Homeowners can take many steps to prevent intruders from taking an interest in their homes. Here’s a list of ways to protect your home from unwanted guests:

  • Wooden or steel doors should be used instead of hollow-core wooden doors. These are more durable and difficult to break than other types of doors.
  • Doors should be free of signs of damage, such as warping or cracks.
  • Deadbolt locks provide additional security for doors. Chain locks don’t work as a substitute for deadbolt locks, but they can be used as additional protection.
  • There shouldn’t be any windows near the door lock to avoid providing burglars with easy access when breaking the glass to unlock doors.
  • It’s a bad idea to hide keys in obvious locations. Burglars often find keys that homeowners think are well concealed. It is much better to leave your key with a neighbor that you trust. Keys should never be placed under a door mat, in a rock, or in a planter and should always be kept out of sight inside your home.
  • As an extra safety measure against home invasions, a peephole or security camera will let you identify a visitor before opening the door.
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