Your front door is the entrance to your home, but it also plays an important role in the safety and security of your family. It is the first thing a visitor sees when they come. Disturbances like squeaky noise and broken locks should not be ignored if you want to keep your door in good shape.

Here are some common door defects:

Inadequate Fasteners 

  • Usually, there should at least be six fasteners attaching the door to the frame. This is especially important when it comes to your front door, they should be good quality and rust-free. 

Excessive Gap under Door Panel

  • There might be minor gaps around your door at different times of the year as it adjusts to temperature change and moisture. The problem is that gap between the door and the floor can be an entrance for insects, dust, cold air, and sound. Proper weatherstripping can compensate for any smaller gaps, but if you are dealing with a large gap, you will probably need help to remedy the problem.

Cracks in Door Panel/Frame

  • Cracks grow wider over time due to changing weather conditions. Cracks could form when low-quality wood was used, or due to poor installation.

Gaps around Door Frame

  • If there are gaps around the door frame, insects or pests could get through, it could lead to dust coming into your home, and it could make your heating and cooling less effective. These gaps need to be patched up as soon as possible.

Defects in Manufacturing

  • If you are purchasing a door for your home, be alert to manufacturing defects in the fittings, stoppers, latch, and locks. If ignored, manufacturing defects may lead to future major damages.
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